Clear Aligner Information

For Patients Smooth and contemporary, correcting the position of your teeth!
Why Clear Aligner?

What is Clear Aligner?

Clear Aligner invisible tooth positioners are the clear and simple cosmetic solution for dentists to realign and deliver the smile that your patients desire. Treating first pre molar to pre molar (Anterior alignment).

Looking for an alternative to metal braces? Clear Aligner is the clear and simple choice. No wires or brackets. Just clear, convenient comfort. Every reason to smile!

Clear Aligners clear positioners are comfortable, clear and easy to wear. Made from wafer thin medical grade plastic, the clear positioners are manufactured specifically for your patient.The positioners are worn in a series of one week periods which gently align the teeth to their desired position, helping you to attain that perfect smile for your patient. The clear positoners are ideal for straightening out overlapping, crowded or spaced teeth.

Build loyalty, attract new patients, and ensure the continued profitability of your practice, right from day one. Take the future into your hands. Your patients will be amazed by the comfort and esthetic perfection of Clear Aligner treatment.

These aligners are removable and perfectly suited for day-to-day use. With no metal components, they are exceptionally discreet and easy to clean.

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Why Choose Clear Aligner?

The unique features of Clear Aligner make it an easy choice.

  • Enhanced control over treatment
  • Easy to understand and shorter runaway to proficiency
  • No annual “proficiency requirements”, do as few or as many cases as you like
  • Developed by leading dentists in clear aligner orthodontics
  • Lower lab fees
  • Additional treatment extension*
  • All treatment products include initial retention at no extra charge
  • More affordable option for you and your patients
  • Superior Training - Both online and at Seminars throughout the year
  • Responsive service
Once you’re a Clear Aligner practitioner, you’ll have access to our 3D Ortho Viewer, our exclusive new case management system.
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